Author Topic: Remember When Joe Biden Opened His Mouth & 17 Navy SEALS & 14 Other Americans Lost Their Lives?  (Read 221 times)

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Remember When Joe Biden Opened His Mouth & 17 Navy SEALS & 14 Other Americans Lost Their Lives?
Tim Brown Tim Brown May 13, 2019

Over the weekend, Daniel Greenfield reminded America of one father that blamed 2020 presidential candidate Joe Biden for his son's death.  Many in America have never even heard of the single largest loss of life in the War on Terror, Extortion 17.  It was a scandal bigger than Benghazi.  Yet, because Joe Biden compromised national security by speaking of who allegedly killed Osama bin Laden, it cost the lives of 31 Americans on board Extortion 17, including 17 US Navy SEALS.

Billy Vaughn, father of slain Navy SEAL Aaron Vaughn who was aboard Extortion 17,  told Freedom Outpost that his family wants to see Vice President Joe Biden and former Defense Secretary Leon Panetta held accountable for national security breaches when they outed the SEALs of SEAL Team Six in the alleged killing of Osama bin Laden.
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When you think of all the damage that the Obama administration did.  Its the circle of corruption.  Barry, Joe and Hillary.  And now two of them are running for President.  Trumps "lock her up" was as phony as his promise to secure the nation.  It would probably be Joe and Hillary except they are both so power hungry one could not be second fiddle.
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I remember that and I thought how stupid.  He has no business in government and access to top secret info.  He would have been executed during WWII for his gaffe.

HRC wins the nomination in 2020.  Durham better work quick to indict every participant of the coup against Trump, and I believe that includes Obama and Kerry, along with many others.

It was sedition and treason, and I want everyone to receive the most severe penalty for the crimes committed.  If we do not do that, these people will do it again..

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