Author Topic: German biscuit heiress draws ire with remark on Nazi forced labor  (Read 95 times)

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German biscuit heiress draws ire with remark on Nazi forced labor
Joseph Nasr

BERLIN (Reuters) - The heiress of a German biscuits empire has stirred outrage after she appeared to play down the hardship suffered by dozens of people forced to work at the family business under Nazi rule.

Verena Bahlsen, whose father owns the Bahlsen company that makes some of Germany’s most famous biscuits, told the mass-selling Bild newspaper that the firm, which employed some 200 forced laborers during World War Two, “did nothing wrong” then.

Most of the forced laborers at Hanover-based Bahlsen were women, many from Nazi-occupied Ukraine.

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Nato and to some extent, a form of the EU, are needed imo, to keep this kind of stuff and worse from happening again. OTOH, the Brexiteers in England are not fond of the EU. They have their reasons. EU values too, leave much to be desired in some area. It's a quandary. Just my 2 cents but Europe had 2 huge destructive widespread wars and that can never happen again.

“Most bad government has grown out of too much government.” — Thomas Jefferson

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