Author Topic: Pelosi motorcade blocks Beverly Hills traffic as she dines on $35 salad  (Read 243 times)

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Pelosi motorcade blocks Beverly Hills traffic as she dines on $35 salad
May 13, 2019
By Victor Skinner

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi often urges her fellow Democrats to focus on “kitchen table issues” that Americans care about most, despite her own lifestyle of the rich and famous.

The 79-year-old career politician was recorded on video Friday dining at The Ivy, an iconic Beverly Hills eatery, where she munched on a $35 salad as an army of Secret Service and state police blocked off the road for the special occasion, X17 reports.
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Ha ha!  Don't care! 

Libs voted for 0bama and when he used to come to LA, they'd all then bitch about the traffic jams and the flight delays his presence created.

But they wouldn't hesitate to kiss his ass on public tv if offered the chance...hypocrites.
Throwing our allegiances to political parties in the long run gave away our liberty.

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