Author Topic: Self-Proclaimed ‘Most Pro-Israel Governor’ To Hold Cabinet Meeting In Israel  (Read 147 times)

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I really like our new governor.  Perhaps DeSantis in 2024!

Self-Proclaimed ‘Most Pro-Israel Governor’ To Hold Cabinet Meeting In Israel

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis will convene a meeting of the state cabinet in Israel later this month, the News Service of Florida reported last week.

DeSantis, a Republican, successfully ran for office last year promising to be the “most pro-Israel governor” in America. He said last week that while in the Jewish state between May 25-31, he may sign a bill recently passed by the state legislature that strengthens protections against anti-Semitism in public schools, Orlando Weekly reported.

DeSantis’s trip was planned with the state economic development agency Enterprise Florida, and the governor will be delivering the keynote address at the Israel-American Business Summit, the News Service reported. But it’s unclear how much taxpayers will be on the hook for transporting the entire state cabinet across the Atlantic - as well as how a cabinet meeting held in a foreign country will be able to comply with the state’s strong laws protecting public access to government procedures. The Florida Channel, the state-funded public access network, is not planning on covering the Israel cabinet meeting, the channel’s CEO said Monday, but a spokeswoman for the governor’s office said that all events in Israel “will comply with sunshine laws................

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