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Florida: Elderly Man Fined $30,000 - Government Plans to Steal His Home Because His Grass Was Too Tall
Matt Agorist Matt Agorist May 10, 2019 2.3k Views


Dunedin, FL — Jim Ficken is not a criminal, has never been in jail, and is a model citizen in the town of Dunedin, Florida. However, the government intends to rob him and steal his home because Ficken’s grass grew too long and Ficken was unable to cut it.

The entire police state overreach began for Ficken last year when he was out of town trying to take care of his late mother’s estate and his grass did what grass does, it grew. Knowing that it is unpleasing to neighbors to grow long grass, Ficken hired a friend to cut it for him while he was away, but that friend died and Ficken had no idea.
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Florida governor deSantis (sp?) ought to take a look at this and "make a call" to those powers-that-be in Dunedin...

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I suspect there is some back scratch cronyism going on with someone who wants the property.

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I had a neighbor run to the local town hall and have me cited when I fell ill and the grass wasn't cut for 3 weeks.  My daily fine would have been $100 if the grass wasn't cut within 7 days of the date of the notice.  Ticked me off that the neighbor didn't have the decency to talk to me first.  I always maintained my property.  This was just a temporary situation and I had just hired a guy to do the job the day before the notice from the town arrived in the mail.  Managed to get the grass cut before I had to pay the fine.

Well since then, the neighbor passed away and his property is now occupied by some undesirables.  Grass is never cut, a couple of windows are boarded up and the house in general  is a mess.  If my neighbor could come back and see what these slobs have done to his former home, he would die all over again. 

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