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After Numerous Attacks Against Christians, Portland Police Sends Extra Patrols To Protect Islamic Mosques
 by Brock Simmons April 26, 2019

In the wake of the worldwide attacks against Christians, the Portland (duh) police bureau has assigned extra patrols to watch over muslim centers in the city for fear of potential retaliation against The Religion Of Peace. ...

... The press release reads:
    In the early morning hours of Wednesday April 24, 2019, the Portland Police Bureau was notified by the Portland FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force (JTTF) of a possible threat to Islamic organizations in Oregon.

    As the FBI investigation into the matter was being conducted, an extra police presence was dispatched to a location in Portland, in coordination with the FBI and other Portland area law enforcement.

    Once notified by the FBI that JTTF agents and task force members resolved the immediate concerns and determined that there was no known threat to any Islamic center in Oregon, Portland Police officers resumed regular patrol operations.

    “We are acutely aware of the horrific and deadly terrorist acts that occurred at houses of worship in Pittsburgh, Christchurch, and Sri Lanka,” said Portland Chief Danielle Outlaw. “We will continue to protect houses of worship and religious community centers. All people deserve to be free from the fear of violence.”  ...
More at the Gateway Pundit

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Assaults Caught on Video as Another Street Fight Breaks Out Between Far-Right Agitators And Antifa
Some of the men squared up for semi-cooridinated fist fights. They shook hands after sparring.
Katie Shepherd |
Published May 2 at 6:33 PM Updated May 2 at 8:38 PM

After several largely peaceful May Day protests, a large street fight broke out Wednesday evening in front of Cider Riot, a Northeast Portland bar where some black-clad antifascist protesters had gathered for an afterparty.

A group of people with close tied to local far-right group Patriot Prayer approached the group of left-wing protesters who had filled tables in an outdoor seating area for a party promoted by Rose City Antifa.

Video of the confrontation shows the two groups exchanged angry words. Someone standing near the Patriot Prayer group sprayed the black-clad antifascists with pepper spray. A person standing with the Antifa crowd immediately fired back, spraying several of the right-wing men with pepper spray.  ...

It is just the latest brawl between antifascists and the far-right. ...
Rest of story

But of course we can't refer to antifa as "far left," can we? They are the noble antifascists, after all.  *****rollingeyes*****

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