Author Topic: Rig driver involved in fatal accident in Terrell arrested months later in Iowa  (Read 246 times)

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Rig driver involved in fatal accident in Terrell arrested months later in Iowa

A truck driver involved in a fiery accident in Terrell that killed three people has been arrested in Iowa.

Police in Waterloo took Jarmmal Augustine Phillips, 36, into custody in connection with last year's fatal accident, the Waterloo-Cedar Falls Courier reported.

Police there had run the former Waterloo resident's license plate and came across the Texas manslaughter warrants, according to the newspaper.

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Another truck driver accident thread and again, to total truckers on the road, the bad drivers are probably less than 1% I'd say, I could be way off too. I just want to make it clear, this is not to go after truckers but here, is another read bad accident. I do think I heard about this when it first happened.

And I think this is even more heinous because it would seem to show the truck driver hit and ran.

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Sounds like a hit and run to me too.  I wonder what drugs were in his system?  We'll probably never know because of the time it took to catch up with him.  The Manslaughter charges will bite him.
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