Author Topic: Former U.S. officials sign open letter in support of DoD’s Space Force proposal  (Read 262 times)

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Space News by Sandra Erwin — May 5, 2019

The letter says the Space Force will “develop military space culture and ethos."

A group of 43 former Defense Department, Air Force and intelligence officials signed an open letter that expresses “strong support for establishing the U.S. Space Force.”

The letter was sent to news organizations on Sunday and is being distributed to congressional offices.

Martin Faga, former assistant secretary of the Air Force for space and director of the National Reconnaissance Office, was one of several organizers who recruited signatures. “We are excited that so many senior level people signed it,” including former Defense Secretary Bill Perry and other former officials who served on both Republican and Democratic administrations, Faga told SpaceNews. “Nobody in the Trump administration asked us to do this,” he said.

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