Author Topic: CBS Omits Dem Mayor Raided By FBI/IRS, ABC Hides Party Affiliation  (Read 231 times)

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CBS Omits Dem Mayor Raided By FBI/IRS, ABC Hides Party Affiliation
By Nicholas Fondacaro | April 25, 2019 11:46 PM EDT

NewsBusters has kept track of the liberal media’s lack of or minimal coverage of many of the scandals plaguing Democratic politicians (you can read about some of them here), but ABC and NBC shockingly reported on the mayor of Baltimore getting raided by the FBI and the IRS on Thursday. Meanwhile, the CBS Evening News omitted the story entirely from its broadcast.

Fill-in anchor Tom Llamas only gave the story a news brief lasting only 24 seconds on ABC’s World News Tonight and brushed over the details:

    And back here at home, federal agents swept into homes and offices connected to Baltimore's mayor today. FBI and IRS agents were seen going into city hall and leaving her home, as well, with boxes and other materials. Mayor Catherine Pugh is under fire for a book she wrote and then sold to companies with business before the city and to a hospital when she was a board member. Calls for her to resign are mounting.

It's worth noting that Llamas failed to report that Mayor Pugh was a Democrat.
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