Author Topic: I'm beginning to think the new Waco D.A. isn't any smarter than the last one.  (Read 255 times)

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Liberally Lean from the Land of Dairy Queen 4/24/2019

I'm beginning to think the new Waco D.A. isn't any smarter than the last one. He has announced his office will oppose recent requests by some of the bikers to have their records expunged even though their cases have been dismissed. Why?

 Two reasons were given which make no sense:

 (1);“Those cases were dismissed. Are they not satisfied with that?” he said. Uh, no. That's an idiotic thing to say.

 (2) It's possible "some additional evidence surfaces 'down the road' and they can file [other] charges." Not only is that practically and extremely unlikely, an expunction is no legal bar to refiling a case with the same or additional charges.

Now his office will have mini-trials in each expunction case on whether there was probable cause to arrest those people in the first place.

 He really wants that?
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He also refused to return the property of another innocent biker.  This guy's as big a POS as Renya.
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