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Massachusetts judge who helped illegal immigrant escape ICE arrest indicted, federal authorities say

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Free Vulcan:

This has the makings of a way to stop illegal sanctuaries as well.

Throw a few mayors, judges or administrators in jail and see how strong they believe prioritizing illegals over American citizens really is.

Andrew Lelling is the same US Attorney who is prosecuting the college admissions scandals.

BTW ... The Judge today!

PeteS in CA:
An update:

No immunity: State judge who helped illegal alien escape to face rare trial

--- Quote ---A Massachusetts judge is one step closer to facing a federal trial on charges that she assisted an illegal immigrant in avoiding federal apprehension.

A federal judge last week declined to dismiss charges against Massachusetts District Court Judge Shelley M. Richmond Joseph and now-retired Massachusetts trial court officer Wesley MacGregor.

Joseph, MacGregor, and a defense attorney are accused of helping a Dominican man evade being taken into custody at the Newton District Court by ICE agents after a 2018 hearing on criminal charges including drug possession. Prosecutors say the man had previously been removed from the U.S. twice and was barred from reentering the country until 2027.
"Joseph’s lawyers have blasted prosecutors for what the defense has called an 'extraordinary sweetheart deal granting complete immunity' to the immigrant’s defense attorney, who they say was the 'architect and ringleader' of the man’s escape plan," the AP reported. "Her lawyers say Joseph had no idea about the plan, but they argue that even if the allegations were true, judicial immunity shields judges from liability for acts 'taken in their judicial role.'"
--- End quote ---


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