Author Topic: Tucker Carlson Calls Out ‘Racist’ Liberals Over Sanctuary City Hypocrisy  (Read 103 times)

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Tucker Carlson Calls Out ‘Racist’ Liberals Over Sanctuary City Hypocrisy

April 14, 2019| by Donn Marten

President Trump’s brilliant idea to call the Democrats’ bluff by suggesting that illegal immigrants would be welcomed into the country but would be relocated in sanctuary cities has exposed the hypocrisy of the holier than thou liberal elite.

The same people who have been attacking Trump for years over enforcing the nation’s immigration laws and championing the Democrat-controlled sanctuary cities have suddenly had a change of heart now that all of those illegals could end up in their own back yards.

Never one to resist pointing out the lies of the left, Fox’s Tucker Carlson skewered the racist rich liberals whose love for “diversity” doesn’t apply when the invading armies of unskilled and uneducated moochers will be sucking off the teat of the local taxpayers.
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