Author Topic: Why does that make us ‘less safe,’ senator? Cory Booker just inadvertently made Trump’s whole point  (Read 210 times)

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 Why does that make us ‘less safe,’ senator? Cory Booker just inadvertently made Trump’s whole point on illegal immigration

Posted at 2:24 pm on April 14, 2019 by Jacob B.

Cory Booker, the senator from New Jersey who is running for president, intended to appear on CBS’ “Face the Nation” to slam Trump.

Instead, he ended up making the president’s point about the urgent need for stronger protection at our southern border.
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I believe it a brilliant move by DT that will expose the Dems in Congress as well as the big city mayors and their state capitol backers who believe they are doing the 'right thing'.
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Scott Adams urges Trump to slask each sanctuary city, how many they will take?
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Cory Booker says that illegal immigrants make us less safe.
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