Author Topic: Buttigieg slams Electoral College for overruling popular vote 'twice in my lifetime'  (Read 364 times)

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Buttigieg slams Electoral College for overruling popular vote 'twice in my lifetime'
By Michael Burke - 04/14/19 04:14 PM EDT

South Bend, Ind., Mayor Pete Buttigieg (D) on Sunday made his call to scrap the Electoral College part of his 2020 campaign launch.

“We can’t say it’s much of a democracy when twice in my lifetime the Electoral College has overruled the American people," he said during a rally in South Bend as he officially announced his candidacy for the Democratic nomination for president in 2020.

"Why should our vote in Indiana only count once or twice in a century? Or your vote in Wyoming or New York?” Buttigieg added.

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Does this Mayor Buttplug guy - or any of the other rat lightweights running - really believe he/they have mass appeal enough to win in a national election? Or are they just angling for positions in the democrat administration thats not gonna happen?

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You would hear none of this, had democrats twice won the Presidency by virtue of the EC.

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What precisely will it take, to disabuse Democrat aspirants for electoral office that America is not only not a democracy, but that it was founded quite intentionally so?

Or alternatively, do the cagier ones among them know the truth, yet routinely pretend otherwise in an effort to, shall we say, "fundamentally transform" the American republic from what it is into the living fulfillment of their egalitarian dreams? 
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1, we are not a democracy, we are a constitutionally-limited federal republic.
2, at no time in Mr. Buttigieg's lifetime has the Electoral College "overruled the will of the people."
2a, neither Al Gore in 2000 nor Hillary Clinton in 2016 achieved a majority of the popular vote. No one did in either year, nor did, for that matter, Bill Clinton in 1992 or 1996. It is ludicrous to suggest that a plurality of people packed into small urban islands represents "the will of the people."
2b, considering the Constitution explicitly requires an electoral vote majority, if we were to extend the same principle to the national popular vote, all four of the elections I mentioned would have gone to Congress for the runoff. Of those, the two latter ones would have still been one by Bush and Trump, while in 1996, Clinton would've been voted out by the Gingrich-led House and Bob Dole would be President. It's hard to say what would've happened in 1992 given Perot's following, though... let's just assume Clinton would've received the Democratic Congress's vote.

"Majority rule" only works when you actually have a majority—and even then, it has dangerous drawbacks that need to be checked. What the Democrats want is plurality rule, or even minority rule.

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Buttigieg slams Electoral College for overruling popular vote 'twice in my lifetime'

In each of those two elections, the Democrat failed to earn a majority of that popular vote.  Buttegieg is full of it.
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Hillary Clinton knew full well what the ONLY metric was to get elected POTUS.  She failed miserably, and Trump kicked her butt but good.

The Electoral College is a good metric, and has proven repeatedly that our forefathers had great insight into what would keep this nation intact.

The Democommies are dangerous and pushing a rather treasonous agenda.  I perceive them to be a solid threat to this nation's future.

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