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What Is Socialism?
« on: April 14, 2019, 10:26:39 AM »
April 14, 2019
What Is Socialism?
By Allen Gindler

The word socialism has been around for quite a while.  It would seem that everything should already be transparent with the meaning of this word.  Alas, every new generation of troubled hearts constantly refers back to the notion of socialism in an attempt to excavate more sense out of the concept than has already been revealed theoretically, practically, and historically.

The modern meaning of socialism often runs along the lines that it is a politico-economic theory in which the means of production, wealth distribution, and exchange are supposed to be owned and regulated by the community as a whole.  The above-mentioned characterization of socialism emphasizes its important economic features; however, it cannot be considered a comprehensive definition.  The wording implies a narrow understanding of socialism from the point of view of materialist and positivist currents of socialism but does not fully encompass features exhibited in anti-materialist, anti-Cartesian, and Kantian members of the socialist family.

What is the purpose of socialism?  The great minds of antiquity often dreamed of a community or state that would be the epitome of fairness, justice, and prosperity.  Such objectives could be traced to religious texts, folklore, mythology, and the earliest philosophical tractates.

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Re: What Is Socialism?
« Reply #1 on: April 14, 2019, 07:54:36 PM »
"What Is Socialism?"

How about...
communism... served one drink at a time.

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Re: What Is Socialism?
« Reply #2 on: April 14, 2019, 08:00:28 PM »
Socialism is Death. It is nothing but destruction, famine, and disease.
Why all the Democrats/Liberals are clamoring for it is beyond description.
Since historically, they were always first on the list, and the worst affected by it.
Apparently, they all want to kill themselves again? It is indescribable.
You cannot "COEXIST" with people who want to kill you.
If they kill their own with no conscience, there is nothing to stop them from killing you.
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Re: What Is Socialism?
« Reply #3 on: April 14, 2019, 08:33:42 PM »
Hmm............socialism is an economic doctrine that
advocates public control of property and resources.
And Goober Gindler adds what to our awareness???

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Re: What Is Socialism?
« Reply #4 on: April 14, 2019, 08:51:12 PM »
From all I've read, this guy misses the mark on the distinction between communism and socialism.

In communism, the workers own the factory and its output.  In socialism, the state owns everything.  Both are collectives, but at different levels.

The idea in the USSR was always (supposedly) communism, but the leaders felt they needed a period of socialism to get there.  Didn't work out so well, probably because socialism doesn't work out so well.  And Stalin was a bit extreme.
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Re: What Is Socialism?
« Reply #5 on: April 14, 2019, 08:54:08 PM »
The only ism I'm interested in is Capitalism because it's the only one that actually works!

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