Author Topic: Stop! Texas Legislature, put an end to costly, unnecessary vehicle inspections  (Read 270 times)

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Star Telegram By Don Huffines 4/12/2019

Here’s a winning issue for the 2019 Texas Legislature: ending the onerous and unnecessary vehicle inspection tax.

Abolishing it will save millions of Texans’ time and money, removing from their to-do lists a nanny-state chore that affords them zero benefit.

The research is settled, and the score isn’t even close. Annual vehicle “safety” inspections, which I call the “vehicle inspection tax,” do nothing to make our roads safer. In terms of crashes, injuries and fatalities on our roadways, a diverse set of high-standard academic and government studies prove that point.

Dr. Daniel Sutter, an economics professor at Troy University, has studied the issue extensively, and he’s comprehensively and conclusively made the case that state-mandated vehicle inspections have no value. His body of academic work has not been refuted.

Additionally, a February 2019 study from the Texas Conservative Coalition Research Institute found that “a very strong case for termination of inspections exists because the requirement fails to deliver safety benefits.” The Texas Public Policy Foundation has also called for the repeal of the vehicle inspection tax, as have other stakeholders such as AAA Texas.

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