Author Topic: Sen. Gillibrand: Forgive My Youthful Indiscretion On, Er, Enforcing Immigration Laws  (Read 179 times)

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by Ed Morrissey

Alternate headline: Don’t blame me for my immigration positions — blame my constituents! At a CNN town hall last night, a questioner ripped Kirsten Gillibrand for her past “hardline” positions on immigration, which included support for a constitutional amendment for making English the official language of the US. Not to be outdone, CNN moderator Erin Burnett followed up with more examples of positions Gillibrand abandoned since being elected to the Senate.

Gillibrand had the same answer both times, which basically boils down to changing her position to suit the constituency she wants to win at the moment:

Democratic presidential hopeful Kirsten Gillibrand on Tuesday confronted some of her previous stances on immigration, saying they “didn’t care” about the needs of diverse Americans.

“When I was a member of Congress from upstate New York, I was really focused on the priorities of my district,” the New York senator said during a CNN town hall. “When I became senator of the entire state, I recognized that some of my views really did need to change.”

In other words, had Gillibrand stayed in her House seat, she would have never changed those positions? Or is it that she felt the need to adopt an uncaring position because her old House district was so parochial? And it’s not like we’re talking about a narrow or incremental change either. Both the questioner and Burnett tick off a number of significant changes for Gillibrand, which she chalks up to her enlightenment after realizing that, er, she had to win a lot of votes in New York City to win a Senate seat.


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So she’s admitting she has no core beliefs
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So she’s admitting she has no core beliefs

Do any of the DEMS?
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