Author Topic: Warren releases tax returns showing million-dollar income, moments after pitching wealth tax  (Read 840 times)

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Sorta-fearless prediction:

Someday, the democrat-communists are going to be in complete control of the government again (White House + Senate + House).

One way or another, they're going to push a "wealth tax" through, but probably not just on super-millionaires.

They'll go after 401k's and IRA's.
Just "a little off the top" to start, to establish the principle.

Then later on, they'll dig in.

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For the year that she made a million dollars?  No.

The point you are conceding is directly connected to a claim you made - a claim that has been proven false.  If you believe that I likewise have made a false claim, then provide evidence disproving my claim, and I will be happy to concede it.  Until then, I am not at all willing to concede anything just because you offered a claim that wasn't true.

It is a regressive ideology in that it punishes those who create wealth and rewards those who do not.  And it is already in effect.  btw, almost a third of her household income was due to book sales, which is most likely a one-time event.  So I don't expect her income to rise above the $1 million mark in 2019.

Yeah, a quick glance spots three different items I disagree with in the text I highlighted. 
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And she didn't get her wealth from the Casino on the Res.
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The lie:

That we need workers and it isn't about cheap labor.  If it wasn't about cheap labor none of those migrants would need the social bennefits they are provided.  They would be able to fully support their own families.

It is about cheap labor that draws wages down for American families.  Its corporate welfare that American taxpayers are shouldered with.  Americans raising migrant families.

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