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Sen. Mitt Romney On Immigration: "The President Has Tapped Into Something Which The People Feel Very Deeply"
Posted By Tim Hains
On Date April 7, 2019

Sen. Mitt Romney speaks with NBC's "Meet The Press" host Chuck Todd about the politics surrounding illegal immigration.

"In my opinion, the Democrats are making a huge error by making border security an issue and saying it's a partisan issue," Romney said. "This is a winning issue I think for Republicans. But more importantly, it's a winning issue for Americans... I think the president has tapped into something which the people feel very deeply."
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Mitt's right.   Dems' blind rage toward Trump clouds their ability to recognize that,  after 30 years of lax enforcement and a new wave of illegals spurred by a booming economy,  Americans are saying enough is enough.    The Dems may have been successful in stymieing Trump's attempts to address the crisis,  but at least Trump has recognized that there IS a crisis.

More lawlessness, crime and division may play into the Dems' strategy of taking down the President,  but they risk overplaying their hand.   A vote for the lesser of two evils may be unsatisfactory, but it IS a vote.       
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