Author Topic: SHE’S ON FIRE! Judge Jeanine Calls Out Dems’ Real Motives On Open Borders  (Read 173 times)

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SHE’S ON FIRE! Judge Jeanine Calls Out Dems’ Real Motives On Open Borders
April 7, 2019 Chris Donaldson

Judge Jeanine Pirro continues to bounce back from being shamefully censored by her own network.

In her own inimitable style, she delivered yet another epic verdict on the Democrats and their cynical support of the porous southern border and refusal to address the immigration crisis.

Appearing for the second consecutive Saturday after she was silenced by the cowardly suits at Fox, Pirro dropped the gavel on Democrats and delivered a scorching verdict against a party that is determined to flood the country with illegal immigrants who they will leverage at the ballot box.
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Yeah, okay but what is our side doing to secure the border? The best window of opportunity may have already bypassed us..... and it's a shame... and with Will Hurd saying a lot of people would sue if walls were constructed on their land in TX, the wildlife concerns along the whole border...we are really at gridlock on this issue. I've always been for a more general secured approach, figuring that a Berlin Wall type of structure was a long shot.
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TomSea wrote:
"...a Berlin Wall type of structure was a long shot."

Were you ever at the Berlin Wall, Mr. Sea?

I was. I went through it, at Checkpoint Charlie.

The Berlin Wall worked, and it worked pretty durn well.
That's why so few from the east side got to the west side, and those that did were well-publicized.

It would work on OUR border, too.

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