Author Topic: Democrats Can’t Shoot Straight on Illegal Aliens Getting Guns  (Read 103 times)

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Democrats Can’t Shoot Straight on Illegal Aliens Getting Guns
 By Bob Dane   April 4, 2019 
You're kidding me

Politicians on the left are all in for gun control – but their aim gets shaky when it comes to illegal aliens arming up.

The Democratic-controlled House of Representatives recently passed a gun control bill, H.R. 8, the Bipartisan Background Checks Act of 2019, which would tighten background checks of individuals who purchase weapons.

Rep. W. Gregory Steube, R-Fla., introduced a commonsense amendment to integrate the database of the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) list of immigration violators. When a match indicating that an alien illegally in the country is attempting to buy a firearm, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) would be notified so the attempted purchaser could be apprehended and prosecuted and/or removed.
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Re: Democrats Can’t Shoot Straight on Illegal Aliens Getting Guns
« Reply #1 on: April 07, 2019, 11:01:01 AM »
Armed illegal aliens that hate white people is the Dim Wet Dream Come True.

You don't really expect the Dim wusses to do their own fighting and dying,do you? Why do you think they are trying to import millions of foreigners into the country,if not to do the fighting and dying for them?
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