Author Topic: There Is An Education Scandal Way Beyond What’s In The News  (Read 214 times)

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There Is An Education Scandal Way Beyond What’s In The News
Mar 29, 2019 Read More Articles by J.D. Pendry

Do you really think this college admissions scandal is new?  A new racket?  Just look at some of those we know supposedly educated at highfalutin institutions of higher learning.  Our political families?  People who would die rather than hob nob with the peasants over at the public school.  It’s always been that way.  Daddy donates a few million and junior is admitted. Even if junior is dumb as a box of rocks. President’s kid? Pick any school.  According to Ben Shapiro, a brilliant young man and Harvard Law graduate, these children of the wealthy are not going to school to learn a skill set.  They’re going there for the credential and the lifelong social connections – another participation trophy.  Yep, these are the people with their “credential” and “connections” who end up running our country.  Certainly, it’s not every wealthy kid just as certain as it is that there are principled and ethical parents who actually worked hard for what they have and believe their children should do the same, but from the evidence it’s easy to surmise it is many.
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