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The Campaign to Indoctrinate – not Educate — Students Against the West

    By Bruce Bawer March 26, 2019

At Columbia University, the famous core curriculum, founded exactly one hundred years ago and centered on a rich, rigorous two-semester freshman course covering Western civilization from Plato to the present, remains in place and is largely the same as in 1919. But it’s a rare exception. One day in January 1987, hundreds of Stanford students, goaded on by Jesse Jackson, chanted, “Hey hey, ho ho, Western Civ has got to go”; and go it did, two years later, when Stanford’s Western civics requirement was replaced by a program focusing on race, class, and gender.

In 2016, by a 6 to 1 vote, Stanford students voted down a proposition to restore Western Civ. And so it has gone, more or less, throughout the English-speaking world. The colleges whose humanities departments haven’t been conquered by identity politics and ridiculous postmodern “theory” and multiculturalism are few and far between.
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All "a part of the plan":
The "long march through the institutions".

And... it's working!

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