Author Topic: Today, the National Emergencies Act required the Senate to answer one question: whether there is an  (Read 325 times)

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Exactly right, I tried to educate people about Ted Cruz in 2016 a complete waste of time. I voted
for him for the Senate but he is a con artist. But he usually votes the right way so he is vastly
better then any D

ROTFL. You've found a kindred spirit.
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I put real thought and effort into a lot of the conversations I have here. Trolling is low effort baiting. It's saying something just to get a rise out of somebody and nothing else. I won't say all of my posts are quality, but I do try most of the time. I don't think I'm a troll.
When you make an assertion and then don't back it with facts, well, that's pretty low effort.

Had North Dakota had a Presidential Republican Primary, I would have voted for Ted. Because of the crap pulled by the ND State GOP, I was denied that opportunity. I had been watching Cruz for some time, and saw him in one of those ambush interviews where he performed quite well. Maybe it was staged, although I don't think so, but typical of his explanation above, he laid out the logic behind what I thought was a Constitutionally correct answer. Spouting words is one thing, spouting a whole belief is another.
Lest we forget, someone very loud cast doubt on the man's veracity as a campaign gimmick, dragged his family into a series of well timed smears aimed at target audiences where there were primaries happening and some other dirty tricks to win.
While we're waiting for that person to fulfill their promises, consider that someone who had every reason in the world to tell that winner to engage in improbable acts of auto-erotica, instead settled back in, has done his job, and supported the administration better than most in the Senate. He has done a far better job of adhering to his Constitutional principles than most in DC.
In the meantime American Politics has become a childish three ring circus, with carnival barker, plenty of clowns, a fire eater or two, and all the usual dog and pony show, only for very high stakes. Sooner or later, the adults will have to take back over, or the tantrums will get out of hand and wreck this country. When that happens, I'll vote for him if I can.
BTW, I too, understanding full well the implications of the false dichotomy this country is offered every election, voted third party, for a clear Party Platform I not only support but admire. Not so much for the man, but for the principles he embraced. Pity far more Americans won't consider that option.
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