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Democratic New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her top aide hold majority control over Justice Democrats, a left-wing PAC waging open war on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and other establishment Democrats, according to corporate filings obtained by The Daily Caller News Foundation.

Ocasio-Cortez and her chief of staff, Saikat Chakrabarti, obtained majority control of the political action committee in December 2017, TheDCNF reported Monday. Chakrabarti resigned from the Justice Democrats’ board in August 2018, Politico reported, and the PAC’s website no longer lists Ocasio-Cortez as a governor, but government documents show the two still hold majority control as of Wednesday afternoon.

Ocasio-Cortez’s role with the PAC, which was a driving force behind her stunning victory in 2018, may have violated campaign finance laws, two former Federal Election Commission (FEC) members told TheDCNF.

Ocasio-Cortez never disclosed her control of the PAC to the FEC.


In acknowledgement that the United States has caved to public health bureaucrats and stripped America of its fundamental freedoms in a failed attempt at controlling the uncontrollable, I post this upside-down flag—a symbol of national distress—this July as a sign that we are no longer a free nation or republic.

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We couldn't ask for a better Christmas present.  Seems the dims are going through a full fledged infighting implosion, after the GOP seemed to corner the market on it for pretty much 20 years.

I never use this meme...   but

I display the Confederate Battle Flag in honor of my great great great grandfathers who spilled blood at Wilson's Creek and Shiloh.  5 others served in the WBTS with honor too.

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Welcome to the NEW GENERATION you old hag. Haven't you got a couldern you should be boiling? HAHAHAHA!
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You cannot "COEXIST" with people who want to kill you.
If they kill their own with no conscience, there is nothing to stop them from killing you.
Rational fear and anger at vicious murderous Islamic terrorists is the same as irrational antisemitism, according to the Leftists.

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Informative thread on Twitter from Phil Kerpen about this. I'll try to condense it:
    Phil Kerpen     ‏Verified account @kerpen
This is the Brand New Congress LLC headquarters at 714 S Gay St, Knoxville TN. [photo of HQ]   It was also the campaign headquarters of Democratic congressional candidates in New York, Pennsylvania, Texas, and Illinois.  I wonder if the socialists located their for-profit skimming operation in Tennessee to avoid state income tax.

Brand New Congress was apparently registered to do state tax withholding in Arkansas.

Brand New Congress was never registered to do business in Tennessee, where it is headquarters, but Saikat Chakrabarti's other LLC, Brand New Campaign was.  Until its registration was revoked.

Anybody in Knoxville feel like heading to 714 S Gay St to see who's there and what they know?  Eight more campaigns for Congress all over the country headquartered at 714 S Gay St, Knoxville TN:  I just love that the socialists consolidated their backoffice employees for all these campaigns in a non-income tax state.

From a friend in Knoxville. Taken today. No sign of Brand New Congress. [photo of front door - no mention of BNC]

Looks like the lead operative on the ground in Knoxville was Brian Corbin Trent, Treasurer of Justice Democrats. And listed as a Tennessee resident throughout his work for both Justice Democrats and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

Reading the @NLPC complaint and they have what pretty much amounts to a confession right on the Justice Democrats website. This post from Justice Democrats gives the full explanation of how they were legally set up, with all of the campaigns run inside of Brand New Congress LLC (in non-income tax Tennessee!).

Campaign lawyers, please weigh in on their legal argument.

Seems to me hiding whole campaigns inside "strategic consulting" has to be a reporting violation, but there is a lot of unreported subvending on campaigns.

More significant is that I don't see how the LLC's PAC work could have been firewalled from its campaign work with AOC on the board.  So there is an illegal coordination problem.

This seems like a problem when you're a vendor working for both campaigns and PACs that cannot legally coordinate.

Some interesting new reporting from @mlakin @knoxnews.  Apparently the landlord was told the first LLC Brand New Campaign changed its name the the PAC Justice Democrats.  And they moved out in March 2018.

As of today, Justice Democrats is located in Knoxville (but it's a P.O. box now) and AOC and Chakrabarti are still on the board of governors.  Chakrabarti is the executive officer.  This is the local DC corporation filing.  They have still never told the FEC about these roles.

Credit @AndrewKerrNC at @DailyCaller for this revelation.  He obtained the corporation documents and posted them here: …   They show Chakrabarti and AOC controlling Justice Democrats since March 28, 2018.  her primary was June 26, 2018.

Justice Democrats PAC was active in that primary supporting AOC while she was on the PAC board and her campaign manager was on the board and the controlling governor of the PAC as a corporate entity.  This looks similar to what Tyler Harber went to jail for.  Concealed-from-FEC campaign manager control of an outside PAC supporting a candidate.
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