Author Topic: Ex-Transgender Man Identifies As A Sexless Alien  (Read 150 times)

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Ex-Transgender Man Identifies As A Sexless Alien
« on: March 08, 2019, 10:28:32 AM »
Ex-Transgender Man Identifies As A Sexless Alien

March 3, 2019 Niamh Harris News, World 4

Jareth Nebula, who was born a woman but transitioned to become a man at the age of 29, now identifies as an agender alien.

The 33-year-old from Washington believes he does not belong to any gender, and wants to be called ‘it’ or ‘thing’ rather than ‘he’ or ‘she’.

‘Otherworldly’ Jareth, who has named himself after David Bowie ‘s goblin king character in Labrynth, says that he doesn’t fit into any human gender as he/she/it is an alien. 

RT reports:  Nebula, who works as a barber’s shop receptionist and a model, thought it had finally found itself when it became a man at age 29, The Mirror reports. However that feeling was fleeting and Nebula soon realized it wasn’t male or female, or even human.
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