Author Topic: Texas Border: CBP Seize $12M In Drugs, Arrest MS-13 Gang Member, Child Sex Offender & Rescues Woman  (Read 224 times)

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smcorridornews 3/5/2019

Texas Border: CBP Seize $12M In Drugs, Arrest MS-13 Gang Member, Child Sex Offender & Rescues Woman In Labor

Staff Report

NOTE: Due to the lack of information that is currently available from the U.S. Customs and Border Protection, we reached out and were informed that protecting the border is their first priority; currently, they are heavily involved in caravan operations on the Texas Border as a large portion of the latest caravan reached the Texas Border. Therefore, we expect what information we receive will be minimal for the time being.

Below you will find the latest information available for reported drug smuggling, human trafficking and illegal crossings that have occurred on the Texas border and ports.

It has been published by many news outlets around the country that the criminal activity on our Texas-Mexico border has been consistently dropping over the last couple of years, and Americans and Texans have been given inconsistent information on what is occurring on our border.

Our U.S. border issues are complex, and they affect all Texans. This is our home, and to most Texans, the border isn’t a political issue or a tool to use against another political party; this is a safety and security issue for us, our children, families, friends and our local and national law enforcement.

As you read below, we hope the information provided will help all Texans to better understand the problems happening on our southern border and what we need to do to repair our current immigration laws and policies that stem from our lawmakers in D.C.


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