Author Topic: Pentagon’s special operations leader ‘disappointed’ over handling of light-attack program  (Read 173 times)

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Pentagon’s special operations leader ‘disappointed’ over handling of light-attack program
By: Kyle Rempfer  

The Pentagon’s lead on special operations and low intensity conflict was looking forward to the Air Force selecting a light-attack aircraft this December, but like many, he was disappointed after the service got cold feet.

“If you are asking if we are disappointed the Air Force cut or delayed the light-attack program, the answer is yes," Assistant Secretary Owen West said at a recent defense industry symposium, adding that he wouldn’t elaborate on the subject in an open forum.

He did, however, say earlier in the conference that his office is exploring ways in which the U.S. military’s counter-insurgency mission could be better resourced as the Pentagon implements the 2018 National Defense Strategy.
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He must be seriously steamed as well as tired of butting his head against an unmovable wall,or he would have never said this in public.

He is being stonewalled by the Old Boys Club.
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