Author Topic: Recent email exchange between a friend in a distant state and myself.  (Read 1195 times)

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Recent email exchange between a friend in a distant state and myself.

The following is an email exchange which recently occurred between me and a friend in a distant state. I post it here in the hope that some will find it informative. Make of it what you will.

My friend says “We set a very low bar for our politicians. We only ask that they look good and sound good, but God help them if they actually affect real change.”

My response “As someone who has delved into the political arena in the past, I can tell you that it's damned near impossible to find a decent person who wants to swim in that cesspool. Damned shame but the truth never-the-less.”

He responds “Can you blame them? You have just fingered what is wrong with our public life today. The brightest and the best are no longer interested in leadership, and we ask, "where have all the statesmen gone?"

I respond ”I can tell you this IF many serious-minded America loving individuals don't come forth and dive into the cesspool soon this once great republic is well and truly done for!”

Him “I agree totally. Color me pessimistic. This is THE existential question of the day.”

Me “ And when you DO find a person willing to do the dive, you next have to find a way to overcome the programming of the electorate which requires them to vote for the guy who can run the most and slickest ads (the guy with the most money) It seems that no one ever stops to ask WHY that guy has all that money!”

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