Author Topic: An F-14 Tomcat Has Returned To The Deck Of An Operational Carrier For Top Gun 2 Production  (Read 600 times)

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We have been following the production of the highly anticipated sequel to Top Gun closely, a movie that is now deep in production. Last time we discussed the movie's development was in regards to the revelation that the F-14 Tomcat would make at least a cameo appearance in the film, if not having a starring role. This came as photos leaked of Tom Cruise interacting with an F-14 at a snow-covered aircraft shelter at an airport near Lake Tahoe and also shooting some scenes in the vicinity around it. The jet, which was a real aircraft that was likely pulled from a museum, had special phoenix markings unique to the movie, as well. Now that same jet has appeared aboard an operational U.S. Navy aircraft carrier at Naval Station North Island in San Diego.

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