Author Topic: Hitting From the Left, NY Times Sells Klobuchar as ‘Centrist,’ Harris as ‘Principled’  (Read 220 times)

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Hitting From the Left, NY Times Sells Klobuchar as ‘Centrist,’ Harris as ‘Principled’
By Clay Waters | February 11, 2019 6:10 PM EST

There was a consistency in stories from The New York Times on Monday, with reporters taking left-wing jabs against two Democratic senators who have launched 2020 presidential campaigns

The profile of Minnesota’s Democratic Sen. Amy Klobuchar launch in the snow by Mitch Smith and Lisa Lerer falsely tried to pose her as a non-threatening moderate: “Klobuchar Enters Race With Appeal to Center.” The text box: “Testing to see whether ‘Minnesota nice’ resonates nationally.”

That reference to “center” appeal ignores that Klobuchar, while not having the fiery persona of some Democrats, has a safely liberal lifetime voting rating of 4.71, according to the American Conservative Union (100 being the most conservative):

    Amy Klobuchar, the third-term Minnesota senator, entered the race for the Democratic presidential nomination on Sunday, hopeful that her moderate politics, Midwestern roots and carefully cultivated history of bipartisanship can appeal to a broad swath of voters in contentious times.

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