Author Topic: Of the three major scenarios for Venezuela, U.S. military intervention is the least likely  (Read 267 times)

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It just dawned on me, to me, you know who Guiado (the legitimate president of Venezuela and now 50 countries say so) looks a bit like? Obama of all people. Maybe a Latino-ized Obama.. at least, in some pictures and unfortunately.

Of the three major scenarios for Venezuela, U.S. military intervention is the least likely
By Andres Oppenheimer
February 10, 2019 08:36 AM

Venezuela’s interim president, Juan Guaidó, has the backing of the United States and several other democracies. Getty Images

There are three main scenarios for Venezuela following the decision by the United States and dozens of major world democracies to recognize Juan Guaidó as legitimate president, and to demand free elections to end that country’s humanitarian crisis.

First, one quick note on the latest developments: The so-called International Contact Group created by Mexico and Uruguay to seek a national dialogue in Venezuela will not go anywhere.

As Guaidó told me in a recent interview, he will not accept another “false dialogue” with Nicolás Maduro. At least four times in recent years, Maduro has used dialogues with the opposition to win time, then later jailed his political rivals as soon as international attention shifted somewhere else.

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Articles are saying, Senator Rubio is heavily involved in these policies. That's just what the reporting says but it sounds plausible.

By the way, Rubio scolded the Saudis on twitter, he said they were involved in selling dlluents (can be used with oil and gas) to Venezuela. Check his twitter.

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