Author Topic: More violence in Paris as 'yellow vests' keep marching [Reuters]  (Read 86 times)

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More violence in Paris as 'yellow vests' keep marching
[Reuters]   By Emmanuel Jarry    Reuters•February 9, 2019

By Emmanuel Jarry

PARIS (Reuters) - Thousands of French "yellow vest" demonstrators marched on Saturday for their 13th weekend of action, with scuffles in Paris and a demonstrator's hand mangled by a small explosive.

There was also an overnight arson attack on the Brittany residence of the National Assembly head - though no immediate link was made to the actions against President Emmanuel Macron.

The "yellow vest" demonstrators, named for high-visibility car jackets, began in mid-November over fuel taxes then broadened into a more general revolt against a political class they view as out of touch with common people.

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Report with video:
WATCH: a huge fight broke out at the #YellowVests protest. far right protesters (belonging to the nationalist groups) and far left protesters clash face to face. by one of the #giletsjaunes protests.. #Paris Via @David_shapira
Good reporting but would one really be able to know, it was left versus right?  Maybe some but not totally.


Pretty active, also, I saw a report early this morning that the yellow vests were "splintering", that fits in a bit with the "left vs. right" narrative. Well, I Hope they will all be alright.
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