Author Topic: Outrageous! Chris Cuomo: Republicans Want Illegals to Kill Americans Because It's 'Convenient'  (Read 201 times)

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Outrageous! Chris Cuomo: Republicans Want Illegals to Kill Americans Because It's 'Convenient'
By Kristine Marsh | February 8, 2019 9:26 AM EST

Republican Rep. Matt Gaetz of Florida appeared on Cuomo Prime Time Thursday evening to give his side of the story, after CNN spent all day demonizing him as trying to throw out a Parkland victim’s father at a judiciary hearing about illegal immigration. Gaetz slammed CNN of deceptively editing the encounter and the heated conversation culminated in Cuomo losing his cool, accusing Republicans of wanting dead Americans due to illegal alien violence.

After playing the video clip of the hearing, Gaetz explained that the father was being extremely disruptive and intimidating the fellow victims in the room and that is why he asked the chairman what the protocol was when someone was being repeatedly disruptive. Cuomo took issue with Gaetz’s argument that a lot of gun violence could be prevented by better border security, because it would stop illegal aliens from committing these type of violent crimes.

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Do Democrats want mass shootings in our high schools because it's politically convenient? Well, Mr. Cuomo?
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Dems don't really want to stop gun violence. They want all guns in the hands of a select group of people chosen by them.
Then gun violence, in the form of firing squads, will be visited upon recalcitrant citizens who won't go along with the Marxist Dem agenda AOC and her pals are planning for the country.

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