Author Topic: Assad Regime Releases Islamic State Prisoners - The Syrian Observer  (Read 158 times)

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Assad Regime Releases Islamic State Prisoners - The Syrian Observer
 Thursday February 7th, 2019 by Alsouria Net (opposition website)
It thought that the released Islamic State leaders will conduct attacks against the regime, that will serve as an excuse for a greater regime clampdown in the south reports Alsouria Net.

Over the last two weeks, a branch of the Assad regime’s Air Force Intelligence has released a number of members of the Islamic State (ISIS), or what was known previously as the Khalid bin al-Waleed Army, who had previously been captured by the regime during military operations against the group at the start of August, which were focused in the Yarmouk basin area, along the Syrian-Jordanian border with the Golan Heights.

The release of these members by the regime comes in light of the complications confusing the military and security scene in southern Syria, as the regime army continues to try to solidify its grip on the area it captured over six months ago, while Iran tries to expand its presence there through various proxy militias.

The same situation faces the Russians, who have imposed their presence by conscripting about 3,000 fighters for the Fifth Corps of the Hemeimeem base. It seems that the release falls within the context of the increasing chaos and security tensions that have been occurring in the region for about a month, and which could help the regime and its allies impose their control over the entire area again.

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This is counter-intuitive, to think a regime, government, would release prisoners, hoping they then, would foment trouble that would give reason for a government to clamp down on the populace... but it's been repoted, it is said Saddam did the same,

There are allegedly, experts who say this.

Charles Lister says this, he hints at it here but he's written books on it.
@TulsiGabbard often speaks of her military service. Did she forget #Assad’s *direct* & *indisputably proven* role in supporting Al-Qaeda in #Iraq from 2003-10? AQI suicide bombers were literally driven in #Syria govt buses to #Iraq’s border **to kill Americans.**

Actual excerpts here from his book:
For a detailed look at how #Assad & #Syria's intelligence immeasurably facilitated the rise of AQ in #Iraq, see Ch. 3 of "The Syrian Jihad”

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