Author Topic: Russian Model Admits She Lied about Russian Collusion to Get Out of Jail  (Read 125 times)

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Russian Model Admits She Lied about Russian Collusion to Get Out of Jail

Do you remember the Russian hooker — oh, sorry, the Russian “model”… who claimed she had proof of Paul Manafort and Donald Trump colluding with the Russians to steal the election? It was all over CNN last year. Nastya Ribka is not a hooker according to CNN and other liberal outlets who sensationally covered her story.

Anyway, the Russian “model” was arrested in Thailand for… what was it? Oh, right, soliciting prostitution. And since Thailand is a military dictatorship with fuzzy laws on prostitution, Rybka was suddenly facing a possible life sentence for selling her “modeling services” on the street.

Rybka offered to provide Special Counsel Robert Mueller with all the evidence he would need to hang Donald Trump, Paul Manafort and the gang of crooks who stole our democracy right out from under Hillary Clinton with the help of Rybka’s dastardly Russian contacts. All Mueller would have to do is spring her from jail, extradite her to the United States and provide her with asylum. No biggie.
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