Author Topic: WATCH: ISLAMIC LAWMAKER Ilhan Omar Goes After Covington Catholic Boys…AGAIN  (Read 180 times)

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WATCH: ISLAMIC LAWMAKER Ilhan Omar Goes After Covington Catholic Boys…AGAIN
Feb 7, 2019

The family of Covington Catholic student Nick Sandmann hired famed lawyer L. Lin Wood to take on the media and individuals who slandered the 16-year-old boy, after a manufactured incident in D.C. between Covington Catholic students, the hate group, the “Black Hebrew Israelites,” and the fake Vietnam vet and Native-American, Nathan Phillips.

Wood is famous for winning defamation suits. He’s who you’d want if you were in the shoes of the Sandmann family. Nick Sandmann’s parents want their son’s name cleared and restored to good standing after the media and others blamed him for an incident that happened at the foot of the Lincoln Memorial.
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He should sue the hell out of her. 
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