Author Topic: French Yellow Vest leader placed in coma after being hit in the face by rubber bullet  (Read 168 times)

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French Yellow Vest leader placed in coma after being hit in the face by rubber bullet
By Emma R.   31 January 2019

Anti-government protesters in France believe Yellow Vest leader Jérôme Rodrigues was deliberately targeted and called for “a mass uprising” against President Macron’s government following the wounding.

Philippe de Veule, Rodrigues’s lawyer, confirmed his client has been “placed in an artificial coma” and was likely to be “handicapped for life”.
Rodrigues was in Place de la Bastille, one of the French capital’s most famous squares, during rioting on Saturday afternoon when he was hit in the right eye.

Dramatic video that he filmed himself showed the moment he was struck in the face, moments after protesters were seen fleeing across the square.

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There have not been many reports of serious injuries with the protesters but there have been a few.

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The riots continue, as do the serious injuries inflicted on participants and bystanders.
HORROR! Protester Loses HIS HAND in Saturday Yellow Vest Rally in France (VIDEO)
 Jim Hoft
 February 9, 2019

Yellow Vest protests continued in France Saturday — the 13th weekend of anti-Macron, anti-globalist protests.
One anti-Macron protester lost his hand in Saturday protests in Paris.

Warning on content–
    WARNING: GORE (gets graphic starting at the 12 second mark in this video)


    — Nick Monroe (@nickmon1112) February 9, 2019
More at Gateway Pundit and at Twitter
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