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British rock star who disappeared in 90's reportedly living on kibbutz
Richey’s sister confirmed in the book, set to be released January 31, that he had wanted to visit Israel before he disappeared, and he sported a tattoo on his arm featuring the word “Jerusalem.”
By David Brinn    January 29, 2019

THE MANIC STREET Preachers in the early 1990s with Richey Edwards (middle center). . (photo credit: Wikimedia Commons)

It may not have been his design for life, but a new book claims that Richey Edwards, the one-time guitarist for the Welsh rock band Manic Street Preachers who disappeared in 1995 and was officially “presumed dead” in 2008, is actually living on a kibbutz in Israel.

Edwards vanished at age 27 when the Manics, as their fan base calls them, were already becoming household names in Britain. Although the quartet carried on as a trio and reached even greater heights of popularity, the mystery of Edwards’s disappearance was never solved.

A new book, Withdrawn Traces: Searching for the Truth about Richey Manic – written by Sara Hawys Roberts and Leon Noakes, and with the cooperation of Edwards’s sister, Rachel – suggests that the guitarist may have carefully planned his disappearance and made his way to Israel, British media reported.

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An interesting story, I have heard this band but not to be confused with 10,000 Maniacs who had a hit.

They look like a typical '80s new wave band to me.  A lot of very good music from that era.

Other coverage:

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