Author Topic: Texas Secretary of State announces widespread voter fraud in recent elections  (Read 2197 times)

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   As Politicians go I like your Representative @IsailedawayfromFR

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The county I live in is already all over this.
Smith County elections office looking into 297 possible non-U.S. citizens registered to vote

Oddly enough, so is mine but only 153 here 72 of which have voted.

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   As Politicians go I like your Representative @IsailedawayfromFR

I say the same thing to him when I see him in church or at prayer meetings.
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County officials removing thousands of names from state’s list of potentially ineligible voters

In Harris County alone, officials said, more than 60 percent of nearly 30,000 names on a list the state supplied last week are being removed after new guidance from state officials. Voter registrars in several other counties reported getting similar calls Tuesday from the Texas Secretary of State’s office, which last week said its review showed that 95,000 registered voters did not appear to be U.S. citizens.

Meanwhile on Tuesday, the League of United Latin American Citizens sued Secretary of State David Whitley and Attorney General Ken Paxton, asking for data used to develop the original list. The disclosure that many of those on the state’s list had been found to be U.S. citizens intensified the concerns that prompted the suit.

The lawsuit accuses Whitley and Paxton of violating federal election laws. It says the initiative, announced last week by Paxton and Whitley’s office, is a method of voter suppression seen around the country and a “witch hunt” meant to instill fear primarily in Hispanic voters.
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