Author Topic: New Paper: Modern Warming Was Driven By ‘Primarily Natural’ Factors. Global Cooling Has Now Begun.  (Read 359 times)

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New Paper: Modern Warming Was Driven By ‘Primarily Natural’ Factors. Global Cooling Has Now Begun.

By Kenneth Richard on 21. January 2019
Four climate scientists assert (1) the last ~130 years of temperature changes fit “perfectly” into statistical indices of natural variation, and (2) a long-term deep cooling of the Earth system has recently commenced.

An analysis published in the journal Atmospheric and Climate Sciences by 4 climate scientists reveals the 1880-2013 temperature changes fit “perfectly” (0.9 correlation) into a calculation utilizing 15,295 periodic functions of natural variation.
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5. Summary

In this paper,we have found that the dramatic upward rising signals can be perfectly fitted with periodic functions,which suggests that the major climate factors can still be the main reason for the recent global climate warming,and the secondary climate factor such as anthropogenic emissions might be the secondary reason. If we use the best function to predict the future behaviour of GLST,we can know that the downward trend for the monthly anomaly of GLST had already begun,and it will reach −0.6051˚C in 2111. The correlation study tells us that the dramatic anomalies can be seen in SST fields of different oceans,which might be the results of OSM,and with the k-line diagram technique,we can see that most of the annual dramatically increasing GLST anomalies occur in El Niño years; and most of the annual dramatically decreasing GLST anomalies occur in La Niña years. These findings show us how OSM works. In a word,although there are many academic topics need to study further in future,we can still make a conclusion: “OSM” might play a very important role to cause global climate changes.
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