Author Topic: What was AOC doing making a third democrat response to Trump's wall speech  (Read 379 times)

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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is making herself an even bigger headache to her fellow Democrats, giving a wild third response to President Trump's speech, which pretty well eclipses the Democrats' carefully crafted messaging...

(Video at MSNBC with Rachel Maddow no share feature)
Ocasio-Cortez uttered the wild stuff that incenses most voters, the stuff that Pelosi and Schumer were trying to avoid. She defended illegals, calling the lawbreakers "acting more in an American tradition" than actual law-abiding Americans, and ignored Americans' concerns about illegal immigrant crime, saying her concern was for illegal migrants' fear of apprehension. She yelled that Trump was a human right violator, she blamed Trump for a flu-infected child's death in ICE custody, and she didn't even pay fake tribute to slain-by-illegals Officer Ronil Singh out in central California. She argued for the interests of lawbreaking foreigners above actual rule of law, making Democrats look not just unreasonable, but un-unified. Worst of all, she upstaged Pelosi and Schumer, hogging valuable camera time from what they had expected would be talking heads analyzing their own remarks. As she threw her verbal bomblets into the arena, she made the whole thing about herself. Shadow Speaker, as American Greatness writer Julie Kelly observed earlier? Sure looks like it.

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The dimwit toned down her presentation- no bug eyes or little girl speak  but her words were despicable.
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