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The Hidden Story of Oxfordshire Estate, Blenheim Palace
« on: January 09, 2019, 11:07:05 AM »

The Hidden Story of Oxfordshire Estate, Blenheim Palace
By Hollie Rowson-Dilks 12/23/2018

In Oxfordshire, England,  Blenheim Palace stands tall and regal, the beautiful 18th-century estate, that houses a wealth of history.  During recent restoration works, something ancient was uncovered. But what was found?

Country Estate

Nestled in Oxfordshire England, the stunning estate has been visited by people for decades. It was in October 2018, that restoration work began to take place, during which time, something unknown was discovered. When they unearthed this ancient old mystery, an astonishing story unfolded.

Grand Bridge

Surrounding the palace, the Grand Bridge has been graced with one of the most eloquent titles, “the finest view in England”. The order of the restoration works was requested to revive the area back to its former glory. The project was set to cost a staggering $15 million! But what was lurking underneath its foundations?
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