Author Topic: Political analyst says Trump's base would 'go to war' for him if impeached  (Read 3166 times)

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Re: Political analyst says Trump's base would 'go to war' for him if impeached
« Reply #50 on: January 09, 2019, 05:02:09 AM »
What I love about Trump is he is no nonsense.  He produces results despite immense opposition.  I don't care about all his rough edges, which were finely developed during his years of being a billionaire, I know he is fighting for the American people while both parties malinger representing illegal invading aliens.

The Dems could impeach him in the House, but never in the Senate will the Republicans support such nonsense.

And to think there will be no blood in the streets over the Democommies' efforts to destroy this nation, you might think again.  The American people by voting for Trump shouted loud that they are sick of the bullsh*t.  Dems talking heads like the morons on The View think uneducated hicks voted for Trump.  Well, yes some did, but Trump was heavily supported by highly educated people too. 

I am educated, and I would support him gladly over any of the knuckleheads we have out there that think they are better.  They are not, and the Democommie Party is the biggest clown act, all but communist in name I have seen in my years witnessing politics.  Why the field of clowns amassing to run for president on the Dems side is hysterical.  HR Clinton will wait until a good dozen announce their bid to run, and then she will announce.  The more clowns the better for her.  She holds a solid 40% base in the Democommie Party, and the other dozen or two will divide the rest.  She comes out on top easily, NO CONTEST!

And with the clown show, let Bernie Sanders run again, he will get a fraction of what he did before.  the 2016 election did not have any other viable candidates running on the Dems side.  Naturally, the NEVER CLINTONS gravitated to Sanders, but with 15 candidates running, he gets token support.

I can't wait.  The Dems will decimate each other in their desperate attempt to climb to the top of the heap, all the while Clinton takes the nomination with little effort.

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