Author Topic: Emails Emerge Showing Senior Democrat Lawmakers Calling to Ban Hunting Rifles (Maine)  (Read 479 times)

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 Free Maine Report by Eric Brakey January 07, 2019

As newly elected Governor Janet Mills and Democrat majorities in both state legislative chambers take office and begin to work on their agenda, Maine gun owners have cause for concern.

Historically, the 2nd Amendment has enjoyed strong bipartisan support from Maine people and their legislators, in large part due to Maine's sportsman heritage.

In the 1980s, a successful effort to strengthen firearm protections in the Maine State Constitution was lead by then Speaker of the House, Democrat John Martin. And in more recent history, despite divided government in 2015, Republicans and Democrats came together to expand firearm protections, making Maine the 6th Constitutional Carry state in the nation.

During this period of time, Maine has been consistently ranked by U.S. News and World Reports among the safest states in the nation. Today, Maine is ranked the #1 Safest State in America with the lowest overall violent crime rate.

But despite this long-standing bipartisan coalition, there are signs this is beginning to change. As national anti-gun interest groups (largely funded by NYC billionaire Michael Bloomberg's network) have poured millions into efforts to erode the 2nd Amendment rights of Maine people, many in the Maine Democrat Party are increasingly singing their tune.

New emails have emerged showing multiple senior Democrat lawmakers in Augusta indicating support for sweeping gun control proposals, including a ban on all hunting rifles in the state of Maine.

This past December, an individual named Brian emailed all 151 members of the Maine of Representatives asking them to support a constitutional amendment to institute a variety of new gun control measures on the Maine people, including a ban on "semi-automatic rifles," which would include every common-use hunting rifle in our state.

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