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OHIO: MUSLIM DOCTOR FIRED For Threatening To Give Jews “The Wrong Meds”

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PeteS in CA:
An update on this case:

Report: Ohio State Medical Board to Discipline Doctor Over Anti-Semitic Tweets

--- Quote ---The Ohio State Medical Board told Dr. Lara Kollab that they would be issuing disciplinary measures over her anti-Semitic tweets, Cleveland Jewish News reports.

Ohio State Medical Board Secretary Dr. Kim G. Rothermel wrote in a July 10 letter to Kollab that in a June 19 deposition, she admitted to writing a series of anti-Semitic tweets from 2011 to 2013, including her tweeting that she would give Jews “the wrong meds,” referring to Jews as “dogs” and that Israel supporters “should have their immune cells killed so they can see how it feels to not be able to defend yourself from foreign invaders.”

Rothermel went onto say that Kollab told the board in a February 2019 statement that her anti-Semitic statements occurred while she was an undergraduate student at John Carroll University, but she wrote more anti-Semitic comments to social media after she graduated in May 2013. Rothermel also wrote that the Cleveland Clinic fired Kollab from her residency program in September due to the tweets; when she applied for a residency training program in Kerns Medical Center in Kernville, Calif., Kollab didn’t disclose that she was terminated over anti-Semitic tweets, Rothermel wrote.

Additionally, Rothermel wrote that Kollab initially claimed in December that Canary Mission, the watchdog group that unearthed her tweets, created a fake account to frame her; Kollab told the board she knew that this claim was false.
The board will therefore “determine whether or not to limit, revoke, permanently revoke, suspend, refuse to grant or register or renew or reinstate your training license/certificate to practice osteopathic medicine and surgery, or to reprimand you or place you on probation” over her actions, Rothermel wrote.
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You have to wonder how many Muslims do this and worse,but don't brag about it?

MY guess is most of them.

PeteS in CA:
An update on this case:

Ohio Medical Board Issues Verdict on Muslim Doctor Who Boasted She’d Give Jews ‘Wrong Meds’

--- Quote ---Lara Kollab, the former resident at Ohio’s Cleveland Clinic who gleefully boasted that she would give the wrong medication to Jewish patients, has now, according to, been “permanently prohibited from practicing osteopathic medicine or surgery in the state of Ohio, or from participating in another medical training program.” The only salient question here is: what took them so long?

This has been in deliberation for at least a year and a half. The Jerusalem Post reported as long ago as January 2019 that the “Jewish-American advocacy group Proclaiming Justice to the Nations [PJTN] filed a complaint with the state of Ohio Medical Board insisting the medical license of Dr. Lara Kollab [be revoked] after it was revealed she tweeted she would provide Jewish patients under her care with the wrong type of drugs.”

Even worse, Kollab’s vicious statements were made as far back as 2012. Why didn’t the Ohio Medical Board revoke her medical license immediately?
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