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 Obama DOJ official: Trump can be indicted while in office
Michael Isikoff

A former top official at the Justice Department argues that President Trump can yet be indicted for campaign finance violations as part of a possible decision to delay his trial until after he leaves office.

Neal Katyal, a former deputy and acting solicitor general under President Obama, told the Yahoo News podcast “Skullduggery” that Trump allegedly directing payoffs to two women to silence them during the 2016 campaign was “very serious.” He said the payments could be grounds to challenge department legal opinions that conclude presidents cannot be indicted while in office.

“I think it’s a bad constitutional argument to say, 'I’m the president. I get immunity from prosecution while I’m a sitting president,'” Katyal said. If Trump were reelected in 2020, he wouldn’t leave office until after the statute of limitations on the alleged crimes had run out.

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