Author Topic: Wisconsin 2018 Deer Hunting – The Face of Real Gun Safety  (Read 635 times)

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Wisconsin 2018 Deer Hunting – The Face of Real Gun Safety
« on: December 01, 2018, 10:41:18 PM »
Townhall by  Connor Martin Dec 01, 2018

Some intriguing statistics have emerged in the wake of Wisconsin’s 2018 annual whitetail deer hunting regular gun season.  This particular sporting season runs for 10 days starting in mid-November, and is one of the most anticipated times for Wisconsinites (as well as sportsmen and women from other states who understand the abundant opportunity to claim antlers and venison in the Dairy State).

According to an article from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, official data released by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR) on Tuesday, November 27th provides an overview of the harvest, and the health of the deer hunting sport in the state. Generally, the harvest was up over 2017 – even if license sales were down.   

Of particular interest, however, is the data compiled and provided by the DNR on safety. 

In short, the data is strikingly positive. 

For the entire 10 day regular gun deer season from November 17-25, there were only three non-fatal shooting incidents reported for the entire state.   Read that again – only THREE NON-FATAL shooting incidents! 

And now for the best part:   For that 10 day season – the state of Wisconsin sold 576,277 gun deer licenses.  In other words, over a half a million hunters purchased licenses to venture into the wild with firearms…and yet, there were only 3 shooting incidents, none of which were fatal.  Moreover, while we may not know the exact circumstances for each of those 3 incidents, chances are likely they were unintended – from things like accidental cartridge discharge – and not malicious.   

As a percentage of accidents per licensed hunter – only 0.00052

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