Author Topic: Entire Democratic Congress Will Run for Presidents in 2020  (Read 496 times)

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Entire Democratic Congress Will Run for Presidents in 2020
« on: November 21, 2018, 07:14:00 PM »
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Nov. 20, 2018

Capitol Hill November, 2020

Majority leader House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and minority capo Senator Chuck Schumer announced that Thanksgiving Day shall be cancelled immediately. Schumer said it is a bourgeois invention not befitting a future, socialist America that was first discovered not by Columbus, but by a visionary progenitor of Karl Marx who wanted social justice and equality between Americans who were native to the Mongolian plains, and Americans who were native to Brooklyn and Cleveland.

Pelosi added, that besides the unfairness between the wealthy, producing nations, and the Third World that never produced anything but children and dependency, is the inequality between turkey and man.

"The murder of turkeys has to end," she said, winking at the representative from Planned Parenthood, "and so does Thanksgiving which is un-American."

Senator Schumer informed us that the entire Democrat congress, meaning all Democrats in the Senate and House, with the few Democrat governors left, liberal justices Ginsburg, Sotormayor and Kagan, and the Democrats of Kenya and Somalia, intend to run for Presidents of the United States in a collective bid to oust Donald Trump who is not their president. Schumer added that all other Republicans across America, all 120 million of them, should be silenced or expelled because their opinions are deplorable.


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Re: Entire Democratic Congress Will Run for Presidents in 2020
« Reply #1 on: November 21, 2018, 08:14:59 PM »
For a moment I thought this came from The Onion . . .

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