Author Topic: Work Remote? These Cities, States, and Countries offer crazy incentives to move there  (Read 501 times)

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Work Remote? These Cities, States, and Countries offer crazy incentives to move there

By Joe Jarvis - November 19, 2018

  Tulsa, Oklahoma offers $10,000 to any remote worker who moves to the city. And to sweeten the deal, they are throwing in a free membership at a co-working space.

On January 1, 2019, Vermont will begin its new program offering $10,000 worth of tax credits to remote workers who move to the state.

Employees aren’t the only ones Vermont is trying to draw to its rolling hills: Companies that move to Vermont can get up to $125,000 in total credits in 2019 and up to $250,000 in 2020 to cover relocation costs, equipment expenses, broadband updates and employee membership fees for co-working spaces.

Remote workers are an extra driving force encouraging states, cities, and even countries to compete with each other. Money follows remote workers to their new state or city, instead of coming from the pool of jobs which already exist in that jurisdiction. When that new resident spends money on rent, food, entertainment, and so on, it is a net gain for the state.

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I'd guess that about half the members can work their remotes.

I'd further guess that these incentives will work as well for the local economies as subsidizing sports stadiums.

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Imagine canceling your subscription to the United States government, and signing up for Estonian government instead, without moving. That’s the future I want to live in.

This guy's an idiot.

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